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Présente depuis les débuts d’Ambits

Le mentor est une personne expérimentée qui contribue, bénévolement ou non, au développement personnel ou professionnel d’un débutant. Ambits façonne depuis des années maintenant un réseau de mentors dont je fais partie avec

Business Mentor profile

  • 25 years of experience in HR Services, Financial Services and Public Sector
  • Senior coach, animator and trainer for M and C-level executives
  • HR generalist
  • Change management and learning and development expert

The unique Natacha

Max Depree’s « We cannot become what we want to become if we remain what we are » describes Natacha’s life mission to help people and groups be the best they can be. To take this one step further and support the in-depth transformation of individuals and organizations, she is being trained by Toscane Accompagnement.

Her twins keep her busy, and the time she has to herself, she spends walking their dog Gypsy, meditating, doing yoga, and reading. On her nightstand lies’ Les Soeurs d’Armes’ about heroic women in World War II and books about Non-Violent Communication. She likes Mediterranean cuisine and is in love with the Italian Adriatic coast.

Three heroes for particular reasons: 
? Mary Poppins: a handbag with the basics to help out is also part of Natacha’s ‘gear’
? Virginia Woolf: a pioneer in a new way of thinking where thoughts and feelings are present, unafraid to have a more free-spirited lifestyle
?️ Frederique Lenoir: for making philosophy understandable 

Able to do introspection and search for the root cause of emotions, always authentic, and acknowledging not being omniscient, Natacha has proven to help mentees grow as a leader.


Maître Yoda, Star Wars

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